«RUSSKY PRODUCT» is a large and professional team. Today it comprises over 900 great employees, including 500 production workers. Every employee makes an invaluable contribution to the operation of their team, department, factory, the company as a whole, and the entire food industry.

OUR GOAL is to become an internationally recognized food industry leader, and the first choice of both consumers and retailers.

OUR MISSION is to provide consumers with the most desired food and beverages at fair prices made from the finest raw materials using the most efficient processes.


  • Honesty: We produce honest products from honest raw materials.
  • Respect: We respect our rich history and production traditions.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible to the consumer for the quality of our products every single day.
  • Mutuality: We aim for a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, partners, and employees, as we achieve common goals and work as a team.
  • Reliability: We are consistent and value-driven in everything we do.
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